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Pet Stains 

We all love our pets!  They are like members of our family.  However, they can make difficult to keep our homes clean, healthy and smelling fresh.  

It can be difficult to deal with a pet urine accidents.  Urine not only stains the carpet  but it soaks into the fiber and padding, leaving a lingering oder that is hard to eliminate or even find.  Having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned will remove not only the stains but the pungent oder. 


a cute cat lying on carpet, almost same
Puppy Jack russell terrier lying on a ca
Little girl embracing puppy jack russell
Child with dog .jpg

Even if your pets are past their "accident phase" they can still make it difficult to keep carpets clean and germ free.  Your pet's fur is full of dander, dirt and natural oils that soak into your carpets and leave them looking dingy, spotted and smelling funky.  Pet's paw carry all the same germs, bacteria and fecal matter that can be found on the bottom of your shoes. 


To find out more about the importance of clean carpet and environment click here.

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